• Are you putting together a research proposal? 
  • Writing up a survey? 
  • Or just trying to make sense of some data youíve collected?
  • Is your organization looking at important policy or program related questions?
  •  Do you need to find out what your clients think of your services?



Many persons, businesses and organizations recognize the benefits of doing research. Unless you carry out studies regularly, getting started on a research project may be difficult.

The idea of running a study and analyzing data can be intimidating. It simply isnít what the majority of professionals are trained to do. Research by Design provides expert consultation and analytic services for persons who are not professional researches, but need to conduct research.

Some individuals may be comfortable in the research arena, but limited in the time they have to develop a study, interpret data or prepare a presentation. Shifting some of the burden to Research by Design consultants can save time, allowing you to focus your energy where itís needed.

Research by Design can help you to design, conduct, analyse and evaluate your research. Our services range from being very specific, such as recommending appropriate statistics or sample sizes, to more comprehensive: advising on a research study from its initiation to completion.

Our clients include persons new to the world of research and data, as well as more seasoned investigators. We work with individual researchers, as well as with businesses or organizations from fields including education, health care and the social sciences.

Research by Design can assist you in finding and interpreting the answers to your most important research questions.