Research and Statistical Analysis Consulting Services 

Research by Design offers two types of services that can assist you in planning your study, organising your data, and analysing the outcome of your research.

1. How will you find the answer to your research question?

Research by Design can provide advice on planning your study and gathering information. 

Services designed to help you find the answers to your research questions include:

Planning Scientific research investigations

Writing research grant applications

Preparing surveys and questionnaires

2. What will you do with the data you’ve collected? 

Research by Design can help you determine the outcome of your research in order to find the answer to your research question. 

Services designed to help you determine the answer to your research question include:

Data Analysis services

Evaluating the impact of changes 

Editing and presentation

Individuals, businesses and organizations can take advantage of any single service or combination of services offered by Research by Design. We will consult with you to determine which services will best suit your individual research needs. 

Planning Scientific Research Investigations 

Many decisions must be made when a research study is being planned. 

What should be measured? What kind of design should be used? Who should take part in the study? How much data should be collected? 

Research by Design can help you plan a valid, ethical, results-oriented research study. Consulting services range from to estimating sample size or providing a power analysis to full study planning. 

A well planned investigation gives you the chance to make the most of your opportunity to conduct research.

Research by Design can help you plan research investigation to find the answers to your research questions. 

Editing and Presentation

Once you have finished your data analysis, you need to prepare your findings to share with others. Research by Design can advise you on putting together your research findings to present, distribute or publish. 

We can help answer questions such as: What statistics should be included? Should I use a table or figure? Have I said enough about the data? Is this worded correctly? 

Research by Design also offers proofreading and editing services for research documents and presentations. 


Writing Research Grant Applications

Do you need to describe your research investigation as part of an application for funding? Research by Design can help you to prepare an effective written summary of your proposed study and analyses. 

Dr. Barbara Caska, director of Research by Design, has successfully written numerous health and social science research grants. Her experienced advice and expertise will maximize your study’s chance for funding. 


Preparing Surveys and Questionnaires

Surveys and questionnaires offer a fast and efficient way to ask people questions. 

What do your customers think about the new product? Are your employees satisfied with their employment benefits? How could you better reach the clients you serve? 

Surveys and questionnaires can be used to gather data for scientific research as well. In any case, you have just one chance to ask persons what they think or how they feel. Expert advice on what to include in your survey and how to put it all together can ensure you make the most of this one opportunity. 

Research by Design can help you develop effective, professional quality surveys that can provide you with answers to your research questions. 


Evaluating the Impact of Changes

Did your business just invest in new employee training? Is your service trying out a new way to reach clients? Has your organisation started using a new software program? 

For all of these kinds of changes, an important question is: Does it work? 

Evaluating a program means finding out if a change had the expected effect. Was it worthwhile? If not, what else could be done? 

You can find these answers by evaluating the impact of changes. Research by Design can show you how.


Data Analysis Services

Data analysis allows you to interpret the information you have collected from people during your study. Your data may be in the form of words or numbers, and it may be from a large number of persons or just a few. 

An analysis of data must take into account the unique nature of your information. The correct statistical approach will allow you to see what your data actually mean. 

Research by Design is experienced in performing a wide range of analyses, ranging from basic summaries and descriptions to advanced statistical techniques. We can ensure that your information is correctly interpreted, and that you understand what your data mean.